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JWDogs speaks to National Organizations as to how to provide the best care for animals within foster care, how to protect themselves against canine aggression, and what to do in the event of a Canine Emergency.
JWDogs does not just support local communities but also communities nationwide. JWdogs travels throughout California providing public information, training other shelter's how to handle animals without brute force, and speaks nationally how to provide conditional positive obedience training. Finally, JWDogs volunteers much of our time at shelters working hard to turn dogs around fast so that they can become highly adoptable members of the community.
JJ Ruch, Founder and JWDogs Trainer travels throughout California educating the public on how to break various unwanted behaviors, methods to provide your animal with nothing but the best care. Bottom line, we're here to not only train dogs to obey but also teach their parents how to provide nothing but the best care!
JJ Ruch & JWDogs is a certified AKC Canine Good Citizen (CGC) Trainer & Evaluator, C.L.A.S.S. Program Trainer & Evaluator, Puppy S.T.A.R. Evaluator & Trainer, and more! We strive to educate ourselves by taking classes, research projects, and much more by furthering our education in Canine Behavior and Care. We take classes and more studying Nutrition, Behavior Modification, Training Techniques, and more. We are here for the canine companions.
JJ Ruch, your trainer for JWDogs has traveled throughout the united states working with homeless dogs in the shelters and rescue organizations. JWDogs has been featured in: Dog World Magazine, KMIR6 News, Modern Dog Magazine, Dog Fancy Magazine, Desert Sun, Coachella Valley Weekly, Chronicle of the Dog, Cesar's Way, Vobue Dogs, and many more! JJ has a proven success rate without ever using harmful training methods!
JJ Ruch, Founder and Dog Trainer has worked with thousands of dogs over the years by training Positive Reinforcement Training Methods and has proven a high success rate. JJ has also specialized in rehabilitating dogs in animal shelters nationwide. was founded to create a better relationships between humans and their companions.

JWDogs Fact 1

JWDogs has trained and worked with dogs that have become actors, appeared in commercials, and television shows through trick training techniques. We have made it a fun experience and never used harmful techniques. READ MORE

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JWDogs has worked with dogs who “require” behavior modification. Behavior Modification techniques focuses upon the negative behaviors and turns them into positive behaviors. READ MORE

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JWDogs has worked with thousands of dogs of every breed including the bully breeds, age, temperament, and is knowledgeable in all of these wonderful dogs. READ MORE

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JWDogs has been rehabilitating dogs in city, county, and No-Kill shelters for over 10 years. With this, we are experienced and not another scam website. READ MORE